Other Services


At TCP Credit Union we strive to provide the best service possible by exceeding your expectations. We offer notary services for our members free of charge and are guaranteed to have at least one notary at our office during business hours at all times.

Official Checks

We provide official checks to our members at a low cost or no cost. Our fee for an official check is $1 per check for amounts less than $500 and no fee is charged for checks $500 and over.

Wire Transfers

We also offer wire transfers for fast movement of money to anyone around the world. This is a more secure option for any large amounts of money.  For any incoming wire to your TCP account there is a $5 fee and for a outgoing wire there is a $10 fee.

Gift Cards

We offer virtual and plastic gift cards for members to purchase. This is a great gift option for members or a secure option to purchase online products. The cost to purchase a gift card is $2.00