Share Draft

Enjoy a checking account that offers you the convenience that you long for, with an easier way to manage your finances. Our checking account has the following benefits:

  • No minimum balance required
  • No monthly service fee
  • No membership fee
  • No transaction fee
  • Visa Debit Cards
  • Official Checks
  • 24/7 online banking access
  • 24/7 online bill pay

ABA/Routing Number     253184825

Visa Debit Card

No more writing checks when you are able to pay with your debit card. A debit card allows the member to access funds, make purchases and make payments electronically based on funds deposited in the share draft checking account.  A checking account is required for members to obtain a Debit Card.

Online Bill Pay

Pay your bills online with just a few clicks.  It’s safe, secure and easy with our Online Bill Pay service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right from your credit union share draft checking account.  Online Bill Pay is FREE to members enrolled with our E-Branching service.


When you obtain a Visa debit card you also have the ability to withdraw funds from your checking and master share account when you are in need of cash at any Cash Points ATM or Allpoints ATM without a fee. To use an ATM you must have a PIN for access.  PIN (personal identification number) is a personal number set for the member who has a debit card that helps identify the member when cash is being withdrew or a purchase is being made.

Find the Allpoint and CashPoints® ATM’s nearest to you!

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View your account statements online and print them whenever you want.  E-Statements get to you faster than the mail and it’s safe and secure.  


Save yourself the trip to the branch or ATM by using e-Deposit. This service enables you to make check deposits to your accounts using your mobile phone anytime. Using the camera of your mobile phone, simply take a photo of the front and back of your endorsed check and deposit it to your account — it’s that easy. TCP Credit Union members must first be enrolled in online banking to access this service. For more information on how to enroll in Online Banking, please call 336-969-6518.

Additional Services

Overdraft Protection

Checking account mistakes can happen to anyone, but there is a way to avoid over drafting your Checking account. TCP Credit Union offers an overdraft protection program that will automatically transfer funds from your Regular Master Share account to prevent an overdraft from occurring in your Checking account. Please see a staff member at TCP to enroll. 

Direct Deposit

Our goal is to make banking easy for you. Allow us to help you set up direct deposit through your employer for quick access to your money. No more worrying about making it by the credit union in time to deposit your payroll check. This also makes for an easy way to repay loans by having it set up to automatically be withdrawn from your TCP Credit Union share draft checking account or your master share savings account.